When humans are still here:

in Dubai,UAE the United nations is having a meeting about 2020 possibly being the new 2012.They are still talking when the *fake* national anthem of kazakhstan plays.(BORAT reference) and the president Suddenly yells The northen fence of "jewtown" is the safest place on earth.And that we have lots of Potassium.

Elsewhere...Kazakhstan and its allies (Usa,Russia,Canada,ETC) start a project involving of course,Potassium.A chicken enters the building which meant now france does not exist and the UAE got a giant eyesore.

The People of Dubai see a 400 meter wave hit Dubai.The beach is wiped out along with the following:

  • The Dubai opera house
  • Almas tower
  • The Burj Khalifa (yes why not)
  • Mall of Dubai
  • Burj al arab
  • wave building
  • Yas waterworld
  • Cayan tower
  • The index
  • and everything there
  • After the killer Dubai wave,Various things Happened to several Cities (More like 404 cities have not been found) such as the following:
  • Salt lake city getting destroyed by growing magic salt lake (GET YOURS TODAY)
  • Freak blizard from Hokkaido Destroys Tokyo and Sapporo and everything in between
  • Shanghai skyline sinks to the sea
  • Vancouver Submeged in earthquake
  • Seattle,Manila,Ōsaka,Auckland,Santiago,Lima,Mexico city,San francisco, and Jakarta all get destroyed in an Supermega Uber earthquake

AND more

humans dissappear:

One day after people and one week after All of THAT: Seattle is underwater like all those pacific cities that got destroyed.The Taj mahal collapses in the continued Supermega uber earthquake.But it seems that people are still here.That because countryballs, A fictional species,Still live here.Characters like USAball, Canadaball, Polandball,Germanyball,Tringapore (singapore) and others continue to live here.Because of their Ultimate friendships within the now wrecked earth,They might repair earth,Starting With the Economy,Houses and other infrastructure,And most obviously the Landmarks.

200 years after people:The 21st century's Unique culture is preserved By the Countryballs. None of them will change there Flags or personality,Which means NO FUTURISTIC STUFF ;) In the submerged cities of the Pacific,The landmarks are brought back up from the sea by giant machines used to reclaim ENTIRE stuff but lo and behold, Kazakhstan wont let them.So they nuked them BUT that destroyed the whole world.THE END

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