AAA city

AAA city is a fictional city created by Derpderp03. If it were real, it's location would be in Israel's Tel Aviv. Will it survive?

1 day after people

AAA city is empty. The world trade centre at כיכר ישראל is abnormally empty. Not far away, AAA city's capitol building was were the city and surrounding area were governed and controlled. The building is a glass rhombus, leaning 10 degrees forward. The AAA city capitol, also known as את הכיכר המעוותת is made with concrete and glass just like the other buildings, but is also built with a humongous pendulum inside to protect it from earthquakes and high winds.

3 days after people

AAA city after 3 days

AAA city's HaKirya SalomA district after 3 days

4.7 miles away from the world trade centre and 3.2 miles from the AAA city capitol lies the now abandoned HaKirya SalomA district. The large clusters of skyscrapers and towers are all unfilled. The distance between the skyscrapers is occupied by malls and large LED screens. The automobiles are scattered around the district, burning in flames and have crashed into buildings. The tallest structure, the 1164 foot Israeli bank is desolate. The headquarters for Israel's premier bank company, the building's most prominent features include the black pyramid on top and some office space coming out from the walls. How long will this bank last?

2 weeks after people

A bunch of space aliens from the planet of asshole arrive. The aliens send one of there UFO's to the HaKirya SalomA district to test the alien's driving skills. It fails horribly, the UFO crashes into several buildings and tearing off a LED panel from the base of a skyscraper before hitting another skyscraper with it. It collapses onto a gas station, causing several big explosions that tear up the road and cause several other highrises to collapses. The alien dies in the big explosion and the UFO is sent flying toward the Israel-Jordan border. It explodes a few minutes later, when it hits a car in Amman. Jordan's capital of Amman is later seen on fire and the only skyscraper in the city falls onto another building. Amman is now literaly in ruins. (poor Jordan)

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