AVGN is a show created By James Rolfe, as Humans Dissapear, AVGN is Cancelled, But without humans, How long will his house last.

1 hour Before People: James Rolfe is Filming a New AVGN Episode, Mike Matei is making a Title Card

1 Minute Before People: James Rolfe Says his last swear word

1 Second After People: James Rolfe is Taking a dump in the toilet while Mike Matei looks over the film he is taking, Then they both dissapear, James Rolfe's Crap is finally in the Toilet and Kyle Justin Sees them both dissapearing, and then he dissapears and drops his guitar.

2 Seconds After People: The cats go crazy and the Guitar is slightly damaged.

10 Minutes After People: Mike's Computer goes Standby

1 Day After People: The Power Turns off, The cats run around as the Camera stand falls over.

2 Weeks After People: The cats die of Starvation, The food in the fridge is completely rotten and moldy.

1 Year After People: Some of the games fall off the shelf.

10 Years After People: The glass breaks, and a Category 3 Hurricane Rolls in Damaging his house with water.

35 Years After People: The roof caves into the house

100 Years After People: His house is completely unrecognizable.

100,000 Years After People: The plastic of his NES and SNES games are still intact though the stickers are long worn off, The plastic could last forever.

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