Animal Kingdom-0

The park's entrance 50 years after people

Animal Kingdom is one of the four main theme parks at Walt Disney World. It is animal themed, with its icon being the Tree of Life. How long will it last without humans?

1 Day After People: The power dies and the lights go out. The cars on DINOSAUR, Expedition Everest and Kali River Rapids stop running.

1 Day-6 Months After People: The small animals escape. The large carnivores and herbivores, such as Lion, Tigers, Elephants, and all others, will hold on, but not for long, fortunately, Lions, Tigers, Elephants, Hippos, Rhinos, Antelopes, and other large animals have escaped, exploring their new homes.

10 Years After People: Many of the rides begin to break apart. Due to the Florida heat, plants have quickly overtaken Kali River Rapids. The motionless animatronic Dinosaurs on DINOSAUR all break apart and litter the ground. Over on Expedition Everest, the Yeti has fallen. It's fur becomes a bug-infested mass.

25 Years After People: The pathways around the park are overgrown and unrecognizable from the rest of the foilage. Kali River Rapids is no more. Meanwhile, the theater inside of the Tree of Life is destroyed when the ceiling collapses. The tree itself, remains standing.

35 Years After People: The Tree of Life finally gives in to corrosion, being made out of steel, and caves in. Also, many buildings, including the theaters for Finding Nemo the Musical as well as Flights of Wonder, collapse

100 Years After People: Animal Kingdom floods. The floods demolish Dinosaurs decaying shell, as well as the parks main entrance. Expedition Everest still stands, but is now submerged in over 30 feet of water.

200 years After People: Expedition Everest, the last remaining structure in Animal Kingdom, is at its breaking point. The fall of The Yeti 190 years earlier damaged the rides foundation. Being flooded doesn't help either, and the weight of the ride is too much. In an almost Vegas-implosion style, the mountain pulls itself to the ground. Animal Kingdom is no more.

1,000 Years After People Descendants of animals that escaped Disney world have spread to almost all parts of North America.

5,000,000 Years After People: A small meteor strikes parts of Orlando, destroying Disney World.