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Arcde (Arc De Triomphe)

The Arc De Triomphe after 150 years.

The Arc De Triomphe is the second largest arch in the world,after the Gateway Arch in St.Louis.The Arc De Triomphe is in Paris. But how long will the"Gateway to Paris" last after people?

300 Years after People: Unlike the Gateway Arch, the Arc De Triomphe still stands because it is made of stone. But there are two things that can go wrong:crumbling and freeze-thaw cycles.

450 years after people: The Arc De Triomphe is covered in greenery, though it is still standing. But all it takes to knock the famous gateway down is a heavy rainstorm. Finally, Mother Nature gives the Arc De Triomphe a final blow. One of the legs fails. There is more weigth on the side without the leg than the side with the leg. The next day,a windstorm finally brings the Arc De Trioumph down and it is now a pile of stone.