Area 51 is a military site in Nevada well known for where the government kept aliens after the Roswell incident. How long will the base last in a life after people?

1 day after people

The power goes out as well as the rest of Nevada. Many aliens start to escape the base.

150 years after people

At Area 51 in Nevada,an earthquake hits.The weakened hangers finally collapse.The road cracks into pieces.The warning sign's legs fail. Northeast of the sight is Groom Lake. A tidal wave is caused by the earthquake, destroying what's left of Area 51.

But all the aliens that escaped Area 51 have survived, because they were able to adapt fast enough to build a new civilization. They are found in North America. They have replaced humans as dominant species in North America. Different aliens species that now live in North America includes predators, xenomorphs, tall whites, greys, ET's, and deacons.

500 years after people

Area 51's debris is covered after a severe sandstorm and no evidence show anything of the base.
Area 51 hangar collapse

The hangar collapse

While all species of the aliens that came from the former Area 51 have spread throught the world, spreading to Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, and Australia, living in all continents except Antarctica. They now replaced humans in all places where humans once lived in, much like They now rule the entire world, along with Pan homos, Bass.EXEs, Collinwood vampires, American vampires, Humanoid FM-Ians, Mettaton EXes, Net-Navis, Robot Masters, Maverick Hunters, sapient dylanuses, FNAF Animatronics, and FNAF Animatronics.

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