Places: Russia,Saudi Arabia,U.a.e,China,Malaysia,India,Cambodia and Thailand

1 day after people Asia is a dark continent

50 years after people the kingdom tower now is in a desert kingdom. In dubai the burj al Arab crumbles

70 years after people the oriental pearl tower falls

75 years after people the Petronas towers have a broken sky bridge also in Mumbai world one falls

100 years after people in Tokyo, an huge earthquake on 9.0 destroy some skyscrapers but tokyo tv tower and Tokyo sky tree still standing.

125 years after people st Basil's cathedral is long gone

150 years after people Pudong in Shanghai begin to deseppear

200 years after people in both Cambodia and Thailand the temples fall down

250 years after people the burj kalifa tumbles

500 years after people the Petronas towers fall into each other

1000 years after people the Taj Mahal caves in

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