Berk is a fictional viking village from How To Train Your Dragon franchise. If humans (including vikings) disappear, what will happen to the village and how will the dragons adapt?

Life After People

1 Day After People

The dragons are lonely without their owners. Toothless (who was hiccup's night fury friend) is eating the last remaining fish in hiccup's former fish hut. The rest of other dragons are also eating the remaining fish in their owner's fish hut. But when these huts ran out of fish, they'll have to hunt fish for themselves.

4 Days After People

The dragons have eaten all of the fish from fish huts. They'll have to leave Berk and hunt their own fish or die.

Berk in 20 years after people disappeared.

25 Years After People

Berk itself is being devastated by continuous waves that violently hit parts of berk every day. After 25 years, Berk is no more than just clumps of rocks.

50 Years After People

The dragons can now hunt fish for themselves, either because they already know how to hunt fish or they were taught to hunt by their viking owners. Because of this, all dragon species (including night furies, monstrous nightmares, terrible terrors, deadly nadders, gronkles, hideous zipplebacks, whispering deaths, snaptrappers, timberjacks, scauldrons, thunderdrums, changewings, bonenappers, skrills, stingers, speed stingers. gobsuckers, night terrors, and the rest of other dragons) have survived.

150 Years After People

Many dragons have migrated to many parts of Europe.

300 Years After People

Some dragons have migrated to Asia and Africa.

500 Years After People

Some dragons have migrated to Australia.

1,000 Years After People

Dragons of Asia have migrated to North America and South America, so dragons now rule all over the world's skies except Antarctica.

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