Big Thunder Mountain is a ride at the Disney Parks. How long will it last without us?


The ride 50 years after people

Life After People

1 Day after people

The ride stops functioning as the power dies. The trains stop moving.

5 Years after people

The ride is beginning to be grown over by plant life.

15 Years after people

The Walt Disney World's version's queue collapses.

30 Years after people

The ride is covered in vegetation. The queue on the Disneyland version has collapsed.

80 Years after people

The ride's trains collapse in rusty heaps.

100 Years after people

While most of Disneyland and The Magic Kingdom have collapsed, both versions of Big Thunder Mountain stand.

500 Years After People

Big Thunder Mountain refuses to collapse, despite that all of Disney World and Disneyland have collapsed.

600 Years after people

The Disneyland version caves in.

1,000 years after people

A sinkhole swallows the Disney World version. Big Thunder Mountain is no more.

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