Board Game Island

Board game island is an island in the Wii world. Without Miis, how long will it last?

1 Day

An eerie silence settles over the island as the lights on the island go out and the game pieces/surprises stop working. The music that was once piped over the speakers

10 Days

The Tree Swing decays and the tree itself falls into the chasm it once allowed Miis to cross. Also, the dinosaurs used in the Dinosaur Surprise escape. Animals that were once shooed away now cross the pathway freely

10 Years

Time has not been kind to Board Game Island. The pathway is covered in vegetation in the jungle, and the rock cliffs begin to erode and fall into the sea. The Red Rock Monster statue plummets down the cliff and smashes below

20 Years

Although the Red Rock Monster was destroyed a while ago, it's counterpart the Blue Stone Monster, is covered in vegetation. It quickly breaks apart due to plant life and is lost to time. The Boxes and Barrels used in the River Crossing activity snap off their chains and are swept away down the waterfall.

50 Years

The path is almost completely unrecognizable. The pieces inside the Volcano have been blasted away or melted long ago, and the small pin keeping the Spike Ball in place is worn out by now. It snaps, and the ball rolls down the pathway and into the chasm. Now that it’s return pulley system no longer works, it is lost forever.

100 Years

The final game pieces that are not grown over blow away in a heavy wind. The treasure dome on top of the island is no longer supported, and it tumbles into the volcano, taking millions of dollars’ worth of treasure with it. The island is now worthless, but the game continues.

1000000 Years

The volcano erupts, ruining the entire island and destroying anything left on it. The game is finally over.