Board Game Island

Board game island is an island in the Wii world. Without Miis, how long will it last?

1 Day: The lights on the island go dark and the game pieces/ surprises are no longer working

10 Days: The Tree Swing decays and the tree itself falls into the chasm it once allowed Miis to cross.

15 years: Time has not been kind to BGI. The pathway is covered in vegetation in the jungle, and the rock cliffs begin to erode and fall into the sea. The Red Monster statue plummets down the cliff and smashes below.

25 Years: The path is almost completely un-recognizable. The peices inside the Volcano have been blasted away, and the Spike ball is unleased for the final time and rolls away.

55 Years: The final game peices blow away in a heavy wind. The treasure dome on top of the island is no longer supported, and it tumbles into the volcano, taking millions of dollar's worth of treasure with it.

634 Years: The volcano erupts, ruining the entire island and destroying anything left on it.

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