Buster's Funtime Diner is a location made years before Buck's Funhouse,it is the main location of TNAB 8,if it were real,how would if fare in a life after people.

1 day after people

As power goes out across the globe,Buster's Funtime Diner is still powered on due to a recently filled generator in the Generator Room.

2 days after people

The animatronic's began to realize that humans have disappeared,Buster the main mascot,says it is best if they wait it out...tomorrow is a another day...

1 month after people

The food has since been rotted away into nothing,the generator ran out weeks prior,the animatronic's still have the hope of humans arriving so they can perform,in the parts and service room,the Prototype Buck model is beginning to rot away even more,most of the suit has slowly began to fall off,meanwhile Jessica,the feminine humanoid secondary mascot of the restaurant is starting to lose hope due to the fact that nobody has visited the restaurant.

1 year after people

The animatronic's has since deactivated for good,they have begun to have minor damage,IE Dan having a minor tear on the right hand,Jessica and Suki have minor rips and Buster having a rip on his right leg,the 7 Prototypes have minor rips and damage,but are intact,save for Prototype Noah,whose left forearm and hand are missing.

5 years after people

The animatronic's are more damaged,with Dan's left hand having felled off,Buster's top hat has since began to lean to the side,the Prototypes,mainly the Prototype Anna model,have began to fall apart.

10 years after people

Most of the animatronic's are slightly damaged,June has lost her left arm,Carly has lost her left ear from decay,Giggles,due to him being sealed away,was intact slightl.

15 years after people

Some damage has been seen on the building outside,the sign of Buster's face on the roof is now knocked over.