Banbury, Oxfordshire is my home town, but how long will this building survive?

6 hours after people: The till goes in to sleep mode.

1-5 days after people: Food starts to rot in the staff room. Mice, rats, cockroaches, pidgins, crows, dogs, cats and flies feast on it.

1 Week after people: The latex helium balloons begin to perish and suddenly deflate.

2 Weeks after people: The paper bags, boxes and cards begin to rot.

3 months after people: Food, boxes  and paper bags finally rot off.

8 month after people: The wood parts of the interior begin to rot and warp. The plastic and metal parts hold out. 

1 year after people: The mainly prefabricated plaster board, light wight and wood built buildings also rot. The former signs and vehicles are now rusty. The window of the building start to fall down, leaving them vulnerable to plant life and animals. The commercial neon street signs and rotting wooden bill boards collapses as well. The tank of helium begins to rust. A fox moves in and lives on the shop floor.

2 years after people: A badger colony starts in the now dark and damp basement.

3 Years after people: The paint begins to peal off. The roof begins to rot away. The shelving units fall off the walls. The stronger than average counter collapses.

5 years after people: The plastic interior widows fogg up and the roof begins to leak badly. The control valve on the helium tank ruptures with a big bang and a jet of helium gas hit the fox when he is peering at it. He is knocked over, his jaw is broken by flying debris (shattering his ultra-cold lips and teeth in the prosess), his eardrums birst with the over-pressure and his eyes are frozen solid (also by the ultra low temperature gas). He goes blind and deff instantly, and then later dies of his wounds the next day. His vixen gets a squeeky voice untill it all blows away. The badgers and the vixen decide to leave the basement for good the next day after that.

6 years after people: The wooden faceier panels fall of the walls and the carpet begins to rot.

8 years after people: The carpet rots off.

10 Years after people: The glass in the buildings finishes falling down. Greenery has covered Banbury in shrubbery. Most roofs cave in.

20 Years after people: The first major residential building begins to collapse. 

40 Years after people: Most major residential building begins to collapse.  The roof caves in.  

75 Years after people: It collapses.

75-100 Years after people: The offices and industrial buildings collapse.