Castle Wolfenstein 50 years after people

Castle Wolfenstein is a castle and former POW Camp. How will this Medieval Prussian Castle fair against the forces of nature


50 years after people: The Castle is crumbling, the castle is covered in grime, and the SS flag is slowly ripping apart. A Portrait of Otto von Bismarck falls onto the floor, the floor caves in.

250 years after people: Wolfenstein is falling apart. An Earthquake hits the area and The castle collapses into itself. The Castle is now Unrecognizable.

1,000 years after people: Wolfenstein's ruins have now, ironically, been colonized by foxes.

10,000 years after people: The only thing left is miraculously, a Statue of Adolf Hitler, built thousands of years ago, this statue refuses to change, now the only human left on Earth, is the most despicable man in history, left to be studied and potentially used as a shrine by the replacements of Humanity.