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If this creature was brought back from extinction and was kept in zoos and safari parks of North America, will the cetofelis survive in the world without humans.


Life After People

1 day after people

Power grids fail.

2 days after people

The resurrected Cetofelis pack in San Fransisco Zoo are hungry, they then discovered that the electric fences they were kept in stopped working and they escaped, starting to hunt in North America once again.

1,000 years after people

Cetofelises are now back hunting in the swamps, forests, and grasslands, despite competition from lions (another descendant of zoo escapees), cetofelises are thriving well hunting bison, cattle, North American descendants of yaks that escaped from zoos, camels, llamas, monkeys (including macaques, baboons, vervet monkeys, etc.), apes (including chumpanzees, etc.), and other prey items. They also grew larger than their ancestors, about the size of an extinct Smilodon Populator, due to the abundancy of food source. The cetofelises are no longer extinct due to the now-extinct humans.

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