Chickensaurs are dinosaur-bird hybrids that are currently being made by Jack Horner. If they were made, will they survive in the world without humans?

Life After People

One Second After People

Humans have disappeared forever.

1-3 Days After People

Many chickensaurs from all over the world got out of their cages, and they later explore their new environment.

1,000 Years After People

Desert Chickensaur

Desert Chickensaur: One of the species of chickensaurs that is native to deserts and scrublands of North America and Central America.

The descendants of escaped chickensaurs have survived (unlike naturally-bred chickens) because they are faster, more agile, smarter, and are stronger. There are now more than 3,995 species of chickensaurs that live all over the world. They range in size from a Microraptor-size ones to Utahraptor-sized ones. They are mostly carnivorous bird/reptile animals.

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