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Cinderella's Castle 75 years after people. Property of eledoremassis02.

Cinderella's Castle is the main attraction of Disney World's Magic Kingdom. It's one of the most recognizable buildings in the United States. If we all vanish, how long will this iconic castle last in a life without us to cater to it?


1 day

The power goes out at Disney World, plunging the castle into natural darkness. No longer will the nightly fireworks be launched. The happiest place on earth is now only fun for Orlando's local fauna.

20 years

The fireworks at Magic Kingdom have been sitting silent for two decades. As wet gunpowder gets more unstable as the water evaporates, the castle has become a ticking time bomb. During a dry thunderstorm, a stray lightning bolt strikes the castle, setting off the fireworks. Although the sight of all of the castle's fireworks going off at once is breathtaking, it's an utter nightmare for the castle itself, as the fireworks going off have set the castle ablaze. The fire rages on for several hours before going out on its own. Part of the castle's main tower has not survived, burning to ashes.

75 years (The Collapse)

The castle's windows have mostly been blown out by wind and rain, but the clock face has survived the blaze and years that followed, frozen at the time it stopped ticking. Cinderella's Castle's death kneel stems from not only its supports being weakened by the blaze, but also from three quarters of a century's worth of water damage. The main tower begins to crumble first, leaning towards the front of the castle. The combined power of tremors caused by the tower's lean and falling debris soon proves to be too much. The front of the castle falls in, followed by the rest of the structure folding into itself. The whole process seems to be agonizing and prolonged by the cruelty of fate's design, and all that is left is a pile of rubble.