In Toronto,Ontario,Canada Lies the bisyest intersection in the world

Day 1: In toronto Dundas Square still beams in the daylight.  The power grid still keepes it light.  A suprising fact about this place is that it has the only Pedestrion Diaganol Crossing in Ontario.  Though many are in New York,  This one stil beams with both light,  And the voice of man heard from all Pdestrion Diaganol Cross intersections in the world.

Day 2: At night the Power grid fails,  But Why hasent Dundas Square run out of power.  Well thats becuse since its the bisyest intersection in the world it runs on backup power.  So the flashy ads light and the voice of man is still herd and in sight. For nobody

8 Hours later it runs out of backup power and Dundas Square is silenced from mans voice and Light