2 days after people: The entire planet turns dark.

5 million years after people: Earth enters a new ice age

50 million years after peopleLands begin to rotate again. Causing Alaska to colide with Siberia.

70 million years after people: Amphibians went extinct

100,000,000 years after people: The only evidence left of mankind are plastics, bronze, gold, and our bones and teeth. A mass extinction wipes out the mammals save for rats, shrews and tenracs

200,000,000 years after people: Pangea Ultima forms.

1 000,000,000 years after people: Temperature on the earth is 47 C° the plants can't lives on earth

1 300,000,000 years after people: All the animals are dead under a temperature of 70 C° save for tradigrades.

1 600,000,000 years after people: The bacterias die, leaving prokaryotes and archaeas alive

2 000,000,000 years after people: The temperature on the earth is 140 C°. Prokaryotes die but archaeas survive.

2 400,000,000 years after people: The temperature reaches 210°C. Archaeas die and life is finished.

7.9 billion years after people: Earth is engulfed by The Sun, though not completely demolished. The outer layer of the Sun can almost reach the Earth, but it's not enough to destroy the planet. Although Earth survives, the Sun has already swallowed Venus and Mercury.