Elfen lied is a 2004 anime series about a diclonious named lucy, but what if we did a Life after people Expiriment with this show, what would they do.

Lucy is Deceased in the Anime.

1 Second after people: Diclonious's find out the humans are gone, and feel kind of lonely.

1 hour after people: As some plants explode, it causes more radioactivity in cities ending up like chernobyl, Diclonious's colonize our Former cities.

1 day after people: Power goes out but it may turn back on.

500 years after people: if there were no diclonious's the empire state building may have not collapsed, The reasearch have already been nuked.

1 billion years after people: Skyscrapers are still on earth, and the Diclonious population is thousands of times higher than humans.