The Estadio Azteca, or Aztec Stadium, is a football stadium located in Mexico City, Mexico. At 105,000 seats, it is the largest stadium in the country. How long will this world-famous stadium last in a life after people? We shall see.

1 day after people: Electricity fails in Mexico City, plunging the stadium into darkness.

25 years after people: The pitch is now a small prairie where animals of all kinds live. The lower areas of seats have since become overrun by vines and plants such as clover. Holes have opened up in the roof allowing even more water to flood the upper tiers of the stadium. A tropical storm moving north from the Pacific Ocean. Torrential rains and high winds rip through the stadium tearing larger holes in the roof. The structure will remain standing ,however, at least for now.

100 years after people: The concrete structure of the stadium is weakening. Water damage, earthquakes, and loose ground and compromised the structure's integrity. The stadium finally gives way as a large section of the upper tier collapses, destroying everything below it. This initial collapse triggers a domino effect which causes the entire stadium to fall.

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