100,000 years after people

Florida landscape has change since the time during people, what once was swamps and cities are now tropical savannas, flourishing with wildlife in Northern florida, new dire wolves roam free hunting giant elk, giant bison, north american zebra, north american giraffe, north american bongo, north american kudu, giant beavers, deer, giant armadillos, north american monkeys, chimps, orangutans, rabbits, and even freshwater fish, many big cats have even turn into animals that are similar to their old ancestors or relatives, lions became new american lions, some mountain lions adapted to become more cheetah-like, some jaguars and leopards adapted to become more like aquatic saber toothed cats, tigers grow to be huge size and take prey for smaller animals, elephants have split into two species of new mastodons and new mammoths, grizzly bears, black bears, and speculated bears become more carnivorous and larger, horses and zebras share the savannah of new florida while also growing in size, while cattle, bison, and water buffalo travel in big herds across new Florida, and pythons start to dwindle due to a new ice age, and more competition from new megalania (descendants of escaped komodo dragons), and crocodilians now grow to sizes of 25 to 29ft in length, some eagles and hawks grow to huge size and have wingspans of 11ft-17ft, and even terror birds (descendants of terror birds that escaped from prehistoric parks) are back hunting the plains for horse, antelope, buffalo, bison, and elk. But more has changed then just the animals, the land mass of Florida has grown 40% larger than it was during the time of people. Not only Florida, but lots of these animals have spread out of Florida and now live in almost all parts of the old US, including California, New York, etc.

500,000 years after people

After many years of glaciers moving in and out of the warmer parts of the old US, land peaces of Florida gets connected to south america, allowing even more biodiversity in the Southern US, soon many animals whose descendants that escaped from zoos in Florida enter South America, creating a beautiful and flourishing new world.

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