Future House is a fictional famous landmark in Marysville, California. It contains many futuristic stuff including drones, solar energy, wind energy, AI, robots, self-driving cars, immortality (scientific, not religious kind of immortality), cloning, real life AI versions of armoured and helmeted Shiro, armoured and helmeted Keith, armoured and helmeted Lance, and armoured and helmeted Pidge, and other futuristic stuff. If this place was real, what will happen to it in a life after people?

Life After People

1 second after people

People disappeared.

1 day after people

Power grids failed in most of Marysville, but Future House refuse to fail due to (possibly) forever-lasting solar power and wind power to help keep this house up and continue running, even without maintenance.

5 days after people

Real life armoured Shiro, Keith, Lance, and Pidge realized that humans have disappeared, they have then moved out of Future House to find suitable shelters. They have also brought one of the cloning devices with them so their kind could one day rule earth.

1,000 years after people

Most of Marysville might be long gone (with the exception of Ellis Lake, which is still contained and still has waterfowls and other birds that thrive here, both wild and feral (former domestic animals), but Future House has survived even for thousands of years without maintenance, possibly due to a strong long-lasting material which helped save this house from even getting small damages. Even all of its futuristic stuff like drones, robots, AI, self-driving cars, solar panels, wind turbines, and all others remained intacted.

2,000,000 years after people

The descendants of real life versions of the armoured Shiro, Keith, Lance, and Pidge has survived and now rule all continents (except Antarctica) due to their successful cloning, which allowed their kind to survive, allowing them to reproduce, causing their population to explode to half as much as today's population of humans. Unlike humans and like all future sapient beings and species, they use renewable energy (instead of non-reneweable energy), so they are healthy to the environment. They now rule earth along with sapient dylanuses, Pan Homos, European vampires, Collinwood vampires, American vampires, Bass.EXEs, Robot Masters, Maverick Hunters, Net-Navis, FM-Ians, Yugioh humanoid monsters, FNAF's animatronics, and others.

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