If Life After People combined with Evacuate Earth

There are 2 Geodesic Domes, One in San Francisco, and another in Kenya, If humans Dissapear, How long will these domes last and the temperature outside these domes are -257'C

1 Day After People: The Power turns off as a result, Heaters stopped being used, and the Temperature falls slowly.

1 Year After People: The Temperature inside falls to -20'C, Trees and buildings still remain intact.

20 Years After People: An Asteroid Breaks the first glass, Without an Atmosphere, The earth is left exposed, Thus the interior plunges Below -250'C, Any buildings will still stand but all plant life is extinct.

10,000 Years After People: The buildings are now completely buried in the snow, The structure still stays intact and will stay for millions of years.

1,000,000,000 Years After People: Earth Enters a nearby Solar System, The snow melts as the planet enters the orbit, The structure still remains intact thought the continents are completely different, Plants However don't return as they are already extinct, A rare 12.5 Magnitude Earthquake brings the Geodesic dome structure down, It is reduced to rubble.

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