Golden Retrievers are a breed of domestic dogs that were originally bred to hunt ducks and other waterfowls. If humans disappear, will this dog breed survive?

Life After People

1 Second After People

Humans disappeared forever.

1 Day After People

Some golden retrievers were left to die, but some have escaped from their former owner's houses and roam free, while others are already feral dogs before humans disappeared.

5 Years After People

The cities are now filled with deer, goats, and waterfowls, which are prey items for golden retrievers.

300 Years After People

The Cities are now gone, many of their prey had also moved back to the wild, so the golden retriever dogs had to move into the wild or die.

10,000 Years After People

The descendants of golden retrievers have survived because they are well equipped to survive in the world without humans. They are similar to their domestic ancestors, but they are no longer friendly to other animals (including the now-extinct humans) they are also now wild animals (rather than domestic animals), and they hunt prey items that are thriving (such as ducks, geese, deer, goat, descendants of escaped zoo tapirs, descendants of zoo antelopes, and descendants of zoo camels). They are now one of the main rivals to wolves. Despite competition with wolves, they are thriving well and unlike most domestic dogs, they no longer interbreed with wolves (unlike modern golden retrievers) as that would dull their waterfowl-hunting instincts and would become extinct. Wild golden retrievers are found in forests, grasslands, and riverbanks of Europe, Asia, and North America.

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