Haunted Mansion is a ride that is located in most of Disney parks. If people disappeared, what will be the fate for each Haunted Mansions?

Life After People

Haunted Mansion-0

Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion 100 years after people

1 Day: The attraction stop running as the power dies. The Doom Buggies freeze where they are.

5 Years: Many elements of the ride are beginning to decompose. The interior of the ride is now covered in plant life and the animatronics are un-recognizable.

15 Years: The exterior of the ride is covered in plant life.

30 Years: The Tokyo Disneyland version is destroyed when a tsunami destroys most of the park.

100 Years: While most of The Magic Kingdom and Disneyland have collapsed, Haunted Mansion still stands.

200 Years: The Disney World version is destroyed when a sinkhole opens up underneath it. The Disneyland version is the last Haunted Mansion standing.

225 Years: The Disneyland version crumbles. The Haunted Mansion, like the ghosts it once contained, is no more than a spirit.

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