The Hilton Isla Nublar Resort is a famous resort on the island of Isla Nublar. It is where Jurassic World is, as it is the main resort of the island. But, how long will the resort last without mainteanance and guests?

One Day After People

One day after people, and everything remains untouched. Juice stains will remain. The beds and everything else will remain untouched, since there are no other animals on the island except a few species, like deer, snakes, turtles, and birds.

One Month After People

The flora will soon start growing, as the water in the pool begins to turn green. The furniture begins to accumulate dust, as a small 3.1 earthquake hits the island, causing minor damage and collapsing a tiny bit of the roof.

One Year After People

The flora begins to overgrow the nice pavement, as some dinosaurs finally escape their paddocks, wrecking Main Street and the Innovation Center. A bad storm hits the island, causing the Innovation Center to collapse, sending off a small shockwave, crumbling part of the wall and collapsing Casa de Caballeros.

Ten Years After People

The tall structure is still recognizable, however the lobby is overgrown by vegetation and is almost green, and animals live in the lobby. The luxury beach remains, as none of the plants grow on the beach.

Fifty Years After People

Around 50 percent of the hotel is unrecognizable, meanwhile the fitness center off the hotel collapses, as the vegetation bears down the weight. The glass on the front and sides of the structure shatter, leaving part of the back left.

One Hundred Years After People

The hotel rooms near the top floor still remain in almost mint condition, but hotel rooms on the bottom floor are overgrown with vegetation. The luxury brown building with suites collapses finally, and the water dries up around the beach. A tsunami hits, damaging the structure.

Five Hundred Years Later

The entire structure is unrecognizable except for the roof; the structure surprisingly remains intact, as everything else has collapsed and the island is back to the era before Jurassic World and the tribe came on the island.

One Thousand Years Later

Everything is unrecognizable, everything is overgrown, however, the structure will remain in tact for a little bit longer; until a heavy wind finally blows the structure down, bringing down the last remaining structure from Jurassic World.

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