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Holmenkollen Ski Jumping Hill

Holmenkollen Ski Jumping Hill

Holkenkollen Ski Jumping Hill was one of the Worlds largest unnatural ski jumping hill. The hill rises over the city Oslo in Norway, located at a peak behind the city. The first hill was built in 1892 and had several reopenings until it was totally demolished by man in 2009 and rebuilt in 2010. The new tower has a heavy steel and concrete design, but how long will the hill last under Norways heavy weather?

1 Month after People: In the hotel near the hill, an artifictial snow sculpture is located in the lobby. A temprature controller has kept the sculpture cold, and Norways large amout of waterbased energy has kept the power on, but when no one uses the power, the turbins shut down and leaves the sculpture to melt within minutes. The lights that would show the ski jumpers in the night has stopped.

5 Years after People: Without regular removing, the grass at the bottom of the hill has spread, repleacing the bottom with a natural de facto flower pot. The water that leaked from the melted snow sculpture has moistened the carpet below, and the lobby now looks more like an indoor golf course.

50 Years after People: Both rainstorms and snowstorms have led their personal attack on the iconic ski hill. The glass have shattered and the spruce encircleing the hill have taken over the tribunes, once the place were over 30,000 ski entusiasts could watch their favorites jump.

100 Years after People: After a century of decading, rain and snow the rear supporting beam falls, toppeling the top of the hill and sadly removing Holmenkollen from the history of skiing.

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