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Under the weight of the tower and 1,500 years of corrosion, the Houston Diamond collapses.

The Houston Diamond is a proposed skyscraper in Houston, Texas that is 1,600 ft. tall. It can be seen from 60 km. How long can it last?

1 day: The lights of Houston cease.

6 months: A pipe nearby the tower ruptures causing little damage.

5 years: Palm trees and canopies dominate the 40th to 60th floors. Parakeets and Parrots create nests on the forgotten steel frame. And exotic animals take hold of the tower.

200 years: The JPMorgan Chase Tower collapses and causes minor damage to the tower.

500 years: Houston is now 5 feet underwater causing most of the buildings to collapse.

1,500 years: The sea has risen to 600 feet now, and the Houston Diamond is barely standing. Finally, a category 5 strikes Houston. The higest section slides off the bottom section and go the opposite of each others way. The tower is now under the waves.

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