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Ian and Anthony's House is a house where Ian and Anthony live in. Without people, they disappear, leaving their home alone and their YT channel alone. How long can their house last without people to live in?

1 second before humans disappear: Ian is in the restroom, pooing. Anthony bursts through the doorand takes a picture of him with his pants down. Then Anthony disappears, but Ian does not for a strange reason. He keeps his pants down, then he disappears.

1 Day after people: No one is inside the home because of the extinction of humans. Soon, the power goes out at the house.

1 Week after people: Some rats and mice are starting to roam around the house, looking for food.

1 Month after people: The posters begin to rot.

75 Years after people: The house is caved in. The computer has withered away, the posters have now rotten and even the stuffed toys rotted. Later, the house collapses.

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