Islands of Adventure is a park at Universal Studios Orlando. How long will it last without us?

Islands of Adventure

The park's gate 90 years after people

1 Day

Lights go out around the resort and the attractions stop runing as the power goes out

5 Months

The last of the food rots away. Animals used in Animal Actors escape.

1 Year

Plant life covers the walkways. Garbage cans, signs, and benches fall.

5 Years

Many buildings in Springfield, including The Simpsons Ride, collapse.

20 Years

Many of the park's animatronics are unrecognizable. The attractions begin to decompose.

40 Years

Arm dangling rides such as Kang and Kudo's Hurl and Twirl and One Fish Two Fish collapse.

50 Years

The attraction vehicles all collapse. Water rides such as Dudley Do-Right Ripsaw Falls have been eaten away at, and they collapse.

70 Years

Suess Landing floods. The attractions are all destroyed.

100 Years

Attractions such as The Adventures of Spiderman, Flight of the Hippogriff and Suess Trolley collapse

150 Years

Larger coasters such as The Incredible Hulk are destroyed.

1,000 Years

While the rest of Islands of Adventure has collapsed, Hogwarts Castle still stands, although the ride inside has collapsed.

3,000 Years

A category 4 hurricane destroys Hogwarts Castle. The park is no more

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