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Jollibee is a Filipino multinational fast food restaurants in the Philippines, influenced by Filipino dishes for its famous and infamous burgers, fries, pancakes, meals, drinks and specially spaghetti . If there's no one to serve, how long will it stay?

1 week after people

About 40% of foods, due to preservatives, remain. Some wild animals eat what humans missed, and all branches still remain, but there is no activity inside of them.

1 months after people

Only 3% of food in all of the restaurants remains, but some animals leave the food to spoil  

1 year after people

The drive thru machines are damaged beyond repair same fate of McDonald's, and animals start to move in again. 99% of stores remain. One store collapses, Because Manila is prone in large fire, without humans one of the branches will devoured by fire and almost unrecognizable.

5 years after people

The Jollibee Head Sign is not more, as they are now corroded and falls to the ground.  Some of drive thru sign will collapse due to its corrosion.  The Promo Toys will broken to its container. Stores in malls fare better, with many of them are is in good condition about 95% of stores are remain.

20 years after people

Because Philippines is prone to storm, other branches throughout the Bicol Region will collapse and submerged in flood. 75% stores remain.

30 years after people

Other branches throughout the country will collapse due to it's nearby structures falling onto it, other is collapse due to it corrosion, about 66% stores remain.

50 years after people

A typhoon struck parts of Mindanao 50% stores collapses cause of 5 feet flood and landslides. A few inside the stores are totally damaged, only 40% stores remain. 

100 years after people

20% stores remains in Visayas Area struck by a large quake until eventually fall to the ground, other Jollibee statue are muddy and cracked.

200 years after people

The only branch left is on Tarlac, Philippines, now it is corroded and near to collapse, but the 5.1 magnitude strike Tarlac, the Jollibee is no more, only some of Jollibee statues are buried. All the styro will survive but eventually decompose after 1 million years and up.