Isla Sorna is a fictional wildlife reserve next to Isla Nublar. Unlike Isla Nublar, humans aren't allowed to be here unless if it's for educational purpose only. If this island was real and if humans disappeared, what will happen to the place and the reptiles living in it?

Life After People

1 day after people

Without human contact, many of the prehistoric creatures (including dinosaurs) are doing very well. But flying reptiles, (not birds, but) pterosaurs (including pteranodon), however, are trapped in the bird cages. They must escape or they'll die.

2 weeks after people

Pteranodons and other pterosaurs have escaped and are thriving in their new environment.

500,000 years after people

While the dinosaurs are stuck on the island (for now), many species of pterosaurs now soar over the North and South America, Australia, Asia, Indonesian Islands, Africa, and Europe, feeding on many freshwater and saltwater fish, and some even hunt modern birds, mesozoic birds, rodents, small deer, foxes, and even apes.

5 million years after people

The island gets connected with Central America, and dinosaurs spreaded to North and South America. Dinosaurs now rule the Americas once again, this time, along with modern mammals and other species.

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