Kings Dominion is a Cedar Fair Park created in 1974 and is home to the famous Intimidator 305 as well as the singing mushrooms in Candy Apple Grove returned for the 40th anniversary, but without humans, how long will this park last.

40 Years After People: Wooden Coasters like Grizzly, Hurler and Rebel Yell Slowly collapses for a several decade period, The Singing mushrooms are fully in vegetation.

70 Years After People: A Category 4 Hurricane floods kings dominion, Roller Coasters like Blacklot Stunt Coaster is flooded in and the ceilings of Flight of Fear Caves in

110 Years After People: Volcano the Blast Coasters supports fail and the coaster collapses, the record breaking loop on the Dominator collapses in.

250 Years after People: The top of the Intimidator 305 collapses in, Wooden coasters are unrecognisable, Drop tower scream zone topples over, Skycoaster collapses.

350 Years After People: The Volcano on Volcano the blast coaster collapses, Dominator and Intimidator 305 is unrecognizable, Anaconda still stays visible over the lake but it's lift hill and inversions already collapsed in.

500 Years after People: Kings Dominion is now a garden, Anaconda is Submerged, Forests take over the area of the Intimidator 305

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