The Lab from Undertale series is the workplace and home of the royal scientist, Alphys, in Hotland. It is a single building of technological prowess where Alphys conducts her studies. It also houses the True Lab. If this place was real and if it was built by real humans instead of monsters (which are pretend), what would happen to this place if humans disappeared?

Life After People

1 second after people

Humans disappeared.

1 day after people

When the power grids failed, this place goes in permenent darkness, starting to become home for bats, rats, mice, cats, and other small animals.

3 days after people

Mettaton is still working due to he is powered by not electricity, but solar power that now powers his batteries to help keep him operating even after humans are gone, but realizes that his box-like form is becoming unstable and has to morph into his humanoid form. He becomes Mettaton EX and as a response to the lab that he was created in becoming dark, he leaves to find a new place to live in.

Undertale's Lab in 4 days after people disappeared, just one day after Mettaton EX escaped as the hole in the wall shows.

40 years after people

The lab itself is being attacked by invaders such as small animals and plants. As the plants grow in the holes, cracks become larger and making the lab's condition worse, while the small animals break walls to make temporary burrows and homes for them, causing the furnitures and supplies to break apart.

120 years after people

The lab is being affected by nature itself. The rain has made trees and other plants grow in poorly maintained rooms, causing the demise of this once famous building as it collapses like a Las Vegas casino imploding.

1,000 years after people

The lab is long gone after 1,000 years without humans, but one former resident, Mettaton EX, has survived since he is a robot, he is destined to live forever due to that he isn't a living being. He had also made a lot of clones of himself, allowing his race to spread all over the world except Antarctica. There are now more than 6 million Mettaton EX'es, not just one of them. His race now has their own civilization, culture, religion, science, etc. that involves entertainment and others that Mettaton EX himself has. Now, the real life terminator has come at last. They now rule the entire world, along with Bass.EXEs, European vampires, American vampires, Humanoid FM-Ians, Net-Navis, Robot Masters, Maverick Hunters, sapient dylanuses, FNAF Animatronics, and alien species.

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