The Landmark Hotel and Casino was round top building built in Las Vegas during the 1960's. It's original constructer was Frank Carroll. And the straange thing was that even though the building was finished in 1967, but it didn't open till 1969. The Landmark played host to famous celebrities such as Danny Thomas, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Freddy Fender's first appearance. However in the early 1990's the building became unpopular, so it had closed in August 8, 1990 and eventually demolished in November 7, 1995. It's demolition was used in the movie Mars attacks!. But what if the building hasn't been demolished? And if so, how long would it last without people around?

1 day after people: As the power goe
Landmark hotel 1986-1-
s out in Las Vegas, the landmark goes dark.

2 days after people: Inside the hotel, the food is begining to rot. The cards are also begining to deteriorate.

5 days after people: The last food supply has rotten away. Most cards have been eaten by mice and rats. But the poker tables still seem to last.

1 month after people: Without cleaning, the windows are starting to fall out.

1 year after people: The poker tables start to crack and collapse.

5 years after people: The structure itself begins to deteriorate from within.

75 years after people: The Landmark hotel and casino is at a brink of collapse. Why? Beacuse when the windows flew out, the interior as well as the steel keeping the structure together began to deteriorate. the marble and concreate have cracked up. And the steel has rotted until its breaking point. All it takes is a disfiguration and the landmark is history.

100 years after people: The weight of the top is too much for the bottom to handle, Landmark Hotel and Casino pancakes down.


The casino collapses