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McDonald's is a fast food chain famous and infamous for its Golden Arches logo, burgers, and fries. This fast food joint has about 33,000 locations around the world. With no one to serve, how long will this restaurant chain last?

1 week after people

30% of food remains, due to preservatives. Animals such as mice and rats are eating what the humans missed, and all stores remain, but now have no activity inside them. Due to the power going out all around the Earth, the golden arches are darkened out forever.

1 month after people

Only about 2% of food in all of the restaurants remains, and some animals begin to leave.

1 year after people

The drive-thru machines are becoming damaged beyond repair, and animals start to move in again due to the buildings acting as a shelter to the animals. 99% of restaurants remain. A few of them burn to the ground due to grease fires from surplus oil and a chewed heater wire, but nearly all the other restaurants remain. The toilets become stagnent.

5 years after people

The golden arches are no longer golden, as they are now full of mud and corroded. The awnings above the drive-throughs are starting to collapse. The Happy Meal toys are no longer conatined in their corroding plastic bags and paper boxes, to become toys for the store's new customers, the wild animals. Stores in malls and Walmart stores fare better, with many of them in good condition. 95% of all stores remain.

20 years after people

A tornado leads to the collapse of one of the largest locations in America, in Vinta, Oklahoma. Most of the golden arches signs have tipped over due to the wind, rain, and snow, except for the ones inside. 70% of all McDonald's restaurants remain.

30 years after people

Most "average" McDonald's collapse, after their now flimsy structures give out. The indoor ones are still hanging on. Almost all advertising of the stores has been destroyed, as even the glitzy Times Square location's lights burst. Only about half of stores remain.

50 years after people

A hurricane destroys the largest Orlando location. An earthquake destroys the oldest McDonald's still serving when humans disappeared. A few inside restaurants are damaged as well. Many of the play-places that go with some locations fall down, due to their lack of sturdiness, although the plasic and rubber they are made from will last for centuries. 35% of stores remain.

100 years after people

The last parts of the Times Square location fall. The indoor locations are declining as well. The largest Moscow location falls. 10% of the restaurants remain.

250 years after people

The only store left is the location in Milan, with its stone exterior. An earthquake topples it, ending the global dynasty.