Miami dolphins are a population of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins that live off the coast of Miami. If humans disappeared, what will happen to these dolphins?

Life After People

5 years after people

Off the coast of Miami, dolphins that once swam with people are now using debris people left behind as tools to look for crustaceans on the ocean floor. Though they now use human debris as tools, will dolphins’ experiences with humans also live on in a different ways?

2000 years after people

The descendants of dolphins that swam with humans off the coast of Miami still remember us as the creatures above the waves that used to feed them fish. It is possible humans may fill the same niche in dolphin legends that gods do in ours.

2,000,000 years after people

The descendants of Miami dolphins have now evolved into sapient species that now has culture, religion, languages, etc. They now rule most of the world's oceans, filling a similar niche to land-dwelling sapient species including Pan Homos, Bass.EXEs, European vampires, American vampires, Humanoid FM-Ians, Mettaton EXes, Net-Navis, Robot Masters, Maverick Hunters, sapient dylanuses, FNAF Animatronics, and alien species.

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