Middelfart (German: Mittelfart)is a town in central Denmark, with a population of 14,815 (1 January 2014).[1] The town is the municipal seat of Middelfart Municipality on the island of Funen (Danish: Fyn)

1 day after people:electricity fails all over denmark and Middelfart loses power forever.

10 years after people:Some buildings are covered in plants.The ships near shore are anchored by cables and after 10 years of rust the cable snaps and floats away from the shore.

20 years after people:The Little Belt Bridge which is near Middlefart had its own problems.Rust is starting on the bridge.

30 years after people:Every winter snow piles up on the roads of Middlefart.Now with no one to push the snow out of the way,The snow gets higher and higher until in the spring it melts.

40 years after people:With every single winter, snow damages some buildings.Now the vegetation causes the road to be invisible by plants.

60 years after people:The ships out on the water has corroded and animals make nests in them.The ships finally sink.Middelfart harbor has collapsed.

70 years after people:The hotels in Middelfart have collapsed and some houses also have collapsed.

100 years after people:The Little belt bridge expiriences a snow storm and collapses.Other buildings in Middlefart collapse.

400 years after people:The schools in Middlefart have collapsed and all the houses in Middelfart have collapsed.

700 years after people:Middlefart now looks like a forest and the last building in Middlefart is gone.

1000 years after people:Middlefart is now unrecognizable.

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