Night Of Spongebob City is a very unic city but how long will it last.

2 days aftre the people and me: power stops and traffic lights stop and building stop glowing. one building called the joy of moving center is powered by a wind farm but not for long.

2 years: the braking systems on the wind farm stop and break like the Palm Springs Wind Farm when a hurricane rolls in. the building blinks and stops the last light will be sunny resort becauseof solar panels . an unfineshed high rise. but its enemie is not the salty

Night Of Spongebob City air. Its WORSE!.  The construction crane at the top.

20 years: its Conterweight at the back is to much for the crane. it falles and cuts a line in Sunny Resort.  The wires are now cut and the last light is gone.

120 years: its statues are collapsing like mad!.

2000 Years: Night of spongebob city is gone!