There are many type missles that where used through out history, there where ones that where used for space travel and others for weapon tests. The start of the great missle age goes back to World War II. During which Wernher Von Braun, the same person who also helped Apollo 11 get to the moon. Has also created the V-2 rocket witch was by powerd by alcochol-water. It's first test happend in 18 March,1942, however it's first successful flight happened in 3 October 1942. After several tests in 8 September 1944 it was decided for use against the allies by bombarding several cities in the United Kingdom, France and Belgium. From which 9000 people where killed, 12,000 more where killed in consertriation camps by building these missles. After the war the remainig missles where taken away by the allies and soviets for their own plans. And so Wernher Von Braun's experimental device brought the world into the missle age.The military has two types of missles, biohead and warhead. How long will this Wernher von Braun's machine last?

1 day after people: As the power starts to run out, aborting any type of launching secuence.

40 years after people: The missles that where inside sunken nuclear submarines have detonated, but the missles that remained on land still seem to last, but for how long?

50 years after people: Missles at museums begin to deteriorate.

75 years after people: At one missle base the building on top of it collapses, the missle beneath it breaks from the bottom, causing it to collpase and explode. However the missles that didn't have buildings above them still seem to last. But will they really be the last missles that could survive?

100 years after people: The last missles above land collpase.

1000 years after people: Deep underground the place that once used to be a missle base, something is standing in the dark. Like a shadow of the cold war, the missles that where used for test launches or weapons against enemies, have survived life after people.

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