Life After People

1 day after people

In Galveston,Texas, the sharks, penguins, seals, and other creatures in the Moody Gardens Aquarium Pyramid are hungry. They are spooked when the lights go out and the noise of the water pumps stop. But they quietly wait for the aquarium workers to come with food,and visitors to play with them all (besides the sharks and other dangerous creatures), but no one will ever come again.

1 week after people

The penguins break out of their enclusure then go to the fish enclosure. They have no need to kill them or chase them either. The fish died of hunger.Soon, the seals join in. They also share by bringing some more fish to the sharks. Soon, many creatures, big and small, were enjoying free food, espiacally the dolphins. The great feast is on.

1 month after people

The feast is over. No more sharing. Now, for the land creatures, it's eat or be eaten. The alligators and crocodiles are the new kings of this aquarium.

1 year after people

All of the aquatic animals like dolphins, sharks, and others died. But the creatures that escaped, including seals, penguins, crocodiles, and alligators will live the rest of their life. But if they want to survive the outside world, they will have to adapt to it, fortunately, they have all adapted and survived.

100 years after people

The aquarium itself is in dire straights. The glass has fallen inside,and the tanks finally shatter,flooding the area. The drains stopped working long ago. Now, the steel frame finally fails, and the aquarium collapses into the swamp that was once Galveston.

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