Moonridge Animal Park (also known as Big Bear Alpine Zoo) is a zoo in Big Bear Lake, California, United States. It is located across the street from Bear Mountain Ski Resort. If people disappeared, what will happen to it after people disappeared?

Life After People

1 second after people

People disappeared.

1 day after people

Power grids failed.

1-5 days after people

All of the animals of this zoo (including hedgehogs, ringtails, raccoons, grizzly bears, black bears, badgers, bobcats, cougars, snow leopards, grey foxes, kit foxes, red foxes, arctic foxes, coyotes, wolves, mule deer, fallow deer, kestrels, falcons, hawks, eagles, vultures, owls, geese, sandhill cranes, ravens, chuckwallas, and tegus) have escaped from the zoo.

100 years after people

The zoo has now collapsed due to lack of human care.

1,000 years after people

Descendants of the animals that escaped from Moonridge Animal Park have survived, with some species becoming part of the ecosystem.

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