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Moscow Kremlin, known simply as "The Kremlin" is a large fortress located in the heart of Moscow, Russia. The largest known kremlin (russian castle), Moscow Kremlin has been the home of russian leaders from 1500 to today. It was the base of Ivan the Terrible, Cathrine the Great and Joseph Stalin and many other russian monarchs, and the main defensive building during World War II. Inside the walls are six buildings, three of them cathedrals. The wall is made of red brick and has twenty towers. Just outside the walls lays the Red Square and St. Basil's Cathedral, built by the same brick as the Kremlin Wall. But does this brick provide anything against the power of time?

5 Days after People: The clock in the Spasskaya tower, overlooking St. Basil's Cathedral and Red Square, is out of tuning and stops.

125 Years after People: Moscow's Red Square has turned green. The fundament of the Kremlin has been overrun by swamps, a foe it has never seen before. Buildings now begin to sink down in the ground and tilt. Some of the wall towers break of the wall and tumbles down in the swamp. A cathedral, Ivan the Great Bell Tower, inside the Kremlin tilts and the main tower collapses on the rest of the building. Outside, the main chapel of St. Basil's Cathedral collapses and takes down the rest of the structure along with it.

250 Years after People: The Spasskaya tower has outlasted most of the other wall towers due to it's large, squared foundation. But swampish ground finally topples the clock tower, and it collapses down on Red Square.

500 Years after People: The swamp is now consuming the rest of the Kremlin wall. The last building in the Kremlin, the Kremlin Palace, still rises over the swamp that once was Moscow. But it's time has also come. The roof come crashing down and crushes floors under it's weight. The deteriated walls then fall in the mud like a cardpaper house.