My Mansion is a glamorous place but what will happen to it in a life after people?

1 millisecond after people: I blink my last blink and drink my last sip of cola and then disappered 

1 second after people: My glass of cola falls and crashes to the ground.

1 hour after people: My apple core starts to rot and i lose connection to Minecraft.

1 day after people: My computer,TV,Ipad,Iphone and Ipod shut off forever.

2 Years after people: My Mansion is now home to Animals of all shapes and sizes 

5 Years after people: My Computer breaks and birds live in my bed.

10 Years after people: My Mansion is now covered in vines and overgrowth.

100 years after people: My Mansion half collapeses and my staute of the Facebook Apple And Twitter logos crack and shatter to the ground

1000000 Years after people my Mansion and the city of New york are flooded.

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