Author's note

This will only include buildings that were not directly featured in Life After People or Latinoamerica sin Humanos, therefore, this list is fanon.

This list will not reflect other fanon timelines.

I will add more buildings later. Please tell me or edit the article if a building was featured in either of the two shows above, as I don't really watch Life After People episodes to the fullest.

Timeline of my fanon collapses

1-99 years after people

50 years after people: The castle of Disneyland, Griffith Observatory, Merlion (Singapore)

75 years after people: Movie studios, Torre Latinoamericana

100-999 years after people

100 years after people: Marina Bay Sands, Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument (Indianapolis), Checkpoint Charlie, Fernsehturm Berlin 

150 years after people: Winter Palace, Ostankino Tower, Sydney Tower, Tour First (Paris)

175 years after people: GT International Tower, First Canadian Place

200 years after people: CN Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center, Gran Torre Santiago, Scotia Plaza

250 years after people: Carlton Centre (Johannesburg), The Shard (London)

300 years after people: Neuschwanstein Castle, One World Trade Center (current)

400 years after people: Yale, Oxford, and Cambridge Universities

500 years after people: Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, Hermitage Museum, Marienplatz (Munich)

600 years after people: Harvard University, Christ Church (Windhoek), Shanghai Tower

1000+ years after people

1000 years after people: Antilia (Mumbai)