The National Archives Building, known informally as Archives I, is the original headquarters of the National Archives and Records Administration. It is located north of the National Mall at 700 Pennsylvania Avenue. But, what if people vanished and what may happen to The National Archives Building if that happened?

1920px-USA-Archives of the United States of America0

The National Archives Building Before People Disappeared

1 Day: The National Archives Building & the rest of Washington D.C. loses power. Which leaves the museum in darkness.

1 Month: The building still stands, but the road and cars are a little bit covered in grass and the streets of the District Of Columbia streets are flooded at 2 feet

1 Year: The Flood Raises to 3.2 feet & the National Archives Building is already covered in grass with a 1970s car in the yard abandoned while the posters are falling apart.

5 Years: All the paintings start to get rusty, all of the glass in the back shatters and the flags near the building fell off its flag pole.

National Archives Building Life After People

1 year after people of The National Archives Building

10 Years: A F5 Tornado Strikes Washington D.C., when the building's poster just flew off, but no damage to The National Archives Building.

20 Years: The National Archives Building is still standing, but some of the roof bricks fell off.

40 Years: The front of the building had one pole down because there we're not any support,but didn't collapse.

45 Years: A wild fire caused all the paintings to burn, but there weren't any fire damage to the building.

50 Years: The back of the building lost support and then the roof caved into the building and ripped the middle of the building and smoke came out of the building but the building also fell down with the roof.

National Archives Building Collapsing

The Building 50 Years Later

55 Years: The base of the building, including the stairs collapses without any reinforcement to keep it standing while the flood raised to 6.3 feet

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