Norilsk is a Russian Arctic City built in Krasnoyarsk Krai a few Parallels above the Arctic Circle, It's is the Northernmost City in the world with over 100,000 people and is one of the most polluted cities in the world emitting nearly 2 thousand carbon pollutants and 2 million tons of sulfur dioxide every year, But with humans gone, The power plants shut down but it will take years until all the pollution is gone, The pollution means that trees do not grow within 30 kilometers of the city, Only a few trees manage to live in the Norilsk Area. Without humans, How long will Norilsk last for.

10 Days after people: Power Plants in Norilsk shuts down, The pollution is no longer being emitted, The city is becoming more cleaner as it no longer starts emitting pollution.

5 Years after people: less and less sulfur dioxide stays around the city, Now the trees return growing on the Partially green roads and around buildings going into building walls taking over them, The midnight sun of the summer helps boost tree growth, Norilsk has a subarctic climate as winters persists 6 months of the year.

15 Years after people: Glass now breaks letting extremely cold temperatures go into the buildings of Norilsk, Now the buildings are weakened as the concrete begins to crack.

170 Years after people: Much of the buildings in Norilsk has already collapsed and is now a forest with a few buildings sticking out of it. The Northernmost Mosque is on it's final days, the tower collapses into the mosque and the mosque begins to collapse, The power plants also start collapsing.

450 Years after people: Gostinka Collapses, Norilsk is barely Recognizable, Only a few building remain, Including the Building next to the Mosque, It's only a matter of time until all the buildings have collapsed.

300,000,000 Years after people: Most of the remaining evidence of Humanity is long gone, Norilsk is nothing but a Forest now in a subtropical area and Continents shift, A new Pangea Supercontinent Forms, The Siberian Traps that was responsible for the Permian Mass Extinction is now barely recognizable, But a new Supervolcano burst into the Norilsk Area, causing a new mass extinction as the Supervolcano Erupts spewing just as much lava as the Siberian Traps, 75% of life on Earth are extinct. But life on Earth will recover after this new mass extinction.

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