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Parliament Hill is the legislative building of Canada. Located in Ottawa, Canada, no,it is NOT on a hill. The centerpiece of the building is a clock tower called the Peace Tower.

1 day after people. There is a colony of approximately 30 stray cats living on the grounds of Parliament Hill. The cats were taken care of and feed by a group of human volunteers. Today the cats wait for volunteers who will never come.

1 week after people. The clock on the Peace Tower stops. The cats learn how to kill and eat small birds like robins and chaffinches.

50 years after people. In the House of Commons instead of the loud sounds of politicians arguing with each other all that is heard are the soft mews of cats. These are the descendants of the Parliament Hill Cat Colony. In the first few days after humanity disappeared the colony's numbers were bolstered by cats that had lost their human masters. Now the cat colony lives in the Parliament Building itself. They make their living hunting mice, rats and small birds that have also taken up residence in the Parliament Building.

200 years after people. The clock tower finally collapses, bringing the surrounding support with it.

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