Phoenix island 3

The light show begins to black out

Phoenix Island 1

The edifice after 100 years

Phoenix Island 2

one of the towers collapses

Phoenix Island is an 8-building edifice in Sanya, China that includes 2 hotels and 6 luxury apartment buildings. It is located on an island in the Sanya Bay. These buildings are best known for their glass putting on an excellent light show at night. But how long will these buildings last?

2 days after people: When the power grid of Sanya fails, the flashing lights of Phoenix Island fail as well. The cruise ship sits at the docks getting rocked back and forth by waves like a cradle. Pets from the apartments wander into the restraunts looking for food. Other animals take over as well. The theme park, once full of screaming tourists, is now quiet. The shopping complex is the same. Phoenix Island is as quiet as a ghost town.

15 years after people: A category 2 hurricane hits Sanya.The ropes holding the cruise ship to the docks are about to snap. All it takes is a strong wave and the ropes snap. A powerful wave sends the ship into the harbour, destroying the harbour and puncturing a hole in the ship. The cruise ship sinks into the bottom of the Sanya Bay. And the glass that once put on one of the largest light shows in the world shatters in the storm. The animals from apartments had breeded and the pets continue to live on the island. However, the food is running out...

50 years after people: An earthquake hits Sanya. It shakes down one of the restraunts when the columns holding the roof fail. The shopping complex's roof falls into the stores. The roller coaster in the theme park is shaken down with the rest of the rides. But the high rises survive.

150 years after people: The Phoenix Island edifice is now a skeleton of steel and a foundation of stone. However, the top floors have had the most damage from the quake, and all it takes is a small tremor to shake the buildings down from the top down.

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