Pizza Planet is a family restaurant frequented in Toy Story. The building is shaped similarly to a gas giant with rings akin to Saturn's. If it was real, how long would it last after we vanish?


1 day

As power outages sweep the globe, the lights of Pizza Planet flicker sporadically before going dark. The refrigerators also stop, but will continue to insulate the cold for a few days.

3 days

The pizza inside the building is decomposing, and the refrigerators have long since lost all the cold that once kept food frozen or cold.

70 years (Collapse of the Rocket)

The restaurant is bathed in a cloak of green, and so is the rocket. The broken windows have allowed animals to get in, and the claw machine's glass has shattered, allowing it to become home to various fauna. A strong gale blows through Andy's neighborhood, causing large parts of the logo to fall to either the ground or the building. The rocket has not fared well either, with one of its engine mounts failing, causing it to lean and fall to the ground. The gale also caused the robot guards to collapse from the knees, releasing a cloud of dust that lingers for a few seconds before being blown away.

100 years (The Collapse)

Still cloaked in healthy greenery, Pizza Planet is barely recognizable. As the ring is made of iron, it hasn't fallen yet. However, the building's internal struts are weakened, and can no longer handle the weight. The main part of the building falls inwards, creating tremors that shake the remaining foundations. Then, the rest of the building falls to the ground, and the home of the alien toys is lost to time. However, the metallic ring of the building will be buried and potentially be fossilized.